The Master Bookkeeper Help

Set your library

Before you can run a search, you must set your library. Set your library on your account page.

Managing searches

You can see, edit, and delete your defined searches and create new searches on your search index page.

Clicking on the search name runs the search, and clicking on the edit or delete buttons will edit or delete that search. Deletion requires confirmation. You can create a new search by clicking on the Create New button on the bottom of the page.

All searches have the following behaviors:

As well, you can specify genres to search, genres to exclude and content types. Each search must have at least one content type and one genre to include.

To add multiple genres or content types, click the 'Add another ...' button. This will add one more field, but not save any changes. Clicking update on the bottom of the page will also ensure there is at least one blank genre/content type field, and will save changes.

Authors to exclude will be visible (and can be deleted) from the search edit page, but can only be added to a search from the search result page.

Run the search

Clicking on the search name runs the search. It will only return the first 25 to 50 results. Results are randomized so that running the search twice will produce different results. Each book in a result has several actions that can be taken:

Marking books as not interested, didn't finish, read and finished, or checked out will prevent those books from being returned in any search. Excluding an author only applies to this particular search.

Manage your bookshelf

Your account includes a bookshelf with four shelves:

When you check out a book, it is automatically placed on your Checked Out shelf. Periodically, you should visit this shelf and move the books to one of your other shelves, or unmark them (in case you didn'get get a chance to read it and want it to show in future results).